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Gold Coverage

carsmovingsunset.jpgGold Coverage will provide you with coverage on not only the most important  and most expensive components of your vehicle such as your engine, transmission, drive axle, 4X4, turbo/supercharger, but will also give you coverage on your hi-tech electronics such as your navigation, A/C and heating, cooling system, numerous components of your electrical system such as your alternator, starter, windshield wiper motor, power seat motor, power door locks, window motors and regulators, radio, main speaker system, CD player, seals and gaskets, and many, many more. This is not just some ordinary “powertrain” coverage like you would get from some other company with a $3,000 cap. This is very extensive and comprehensive coverage with a $10,000 cap! Give yourself the piece of mind that you and your vehicle deserve.



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