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Why go with us?

No High-Pressure Sales
Many of our competitors use hard-sell tactics such to scare you into buying an extended service contract. We believe that buying a policy should not be about fear, but should be about making a sound decision based on good information. We will always do our best to tailor our policy to meet all of your needs in selecting the right policy for you. We already show this by offering a no hassle free quote on our website. No information is collected by telling you up front the pricing and options. You won't find this anywhere else!

Wear and Tear
This coverage means if a component is beginning to fail, but has not failed yet. Our coverage will still cover the component. This reduces the risk of being stuck on the side of the road. There’s a big difference between a funny noise, and I need a tow truck. We even cover your tires!
Our Deductible Is Only Per Occurrence
Your deductible is paid only per occurrence instead of per repair. It seems like our way should be the standard in the industry, but it’s not. Most warranty companies will charge you your deductible per repair. So, if you bring your car in for three repairs your deductible will be $300 instead of $100. With our coverages, your deductible will only be $100 no matter what! This is just another example of why our plans are far more superior.
Customer Service
Our customer service department is dedicated to providing you with unsurpassed customer service. We are always here to help and urge you to call us if they is ever anything we could assist you with. Whether it is helping you with the claims process, a question about your policy, or you needing help on a monthly payment, we’re always just a phone call away. We would be more than happy to help assist you.
All extended service contracts are NOT the same. There are many things that you need to consider rather than just the total cost. You have to look at the policy’s amount of coverage, deductible, coverage area, cancellation clause, and restrictions. We only work with the top underwriters in our industry. We are therefore able to provide the top notch A+ rated policies at the lowest cost. Overall, there is no other company that can match up to our policies, prices, and service.
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