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Fact or Fiction?


Fiction: You can only buy an extended service contract from the dealer who sold you the vehicle.

Fact: Auto dealers are middlemen who make their highest commissions on the financing and extended warranties they sell. They are going to want you to purchase your service contract from them when you buy your car, so it can be included with your financing. Finance charges will increase the overall warranty cost by hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. If you do not want for the price of your policy to be included in your financing then you are required to pay the whole premium in full all at one time. We provide a no-fee payment option with manageable monthly payments with a 0% APR.

Fiction: If I buy an extended service contract before the manufacturer's warranty expires, I will have double coverage on my vehicle.

Fact: Extended service contracts are NOT double coverage. They simply pick up from where the term of the factory warranty leaves off. Once the manufacturer's warranty expires, our policy will take over to protect you and your budget from those unexpected and costly repairs. It's important to put this into effect it early, especially before your original factory warranty expires. This is when it will be the least expensive. Similar to purchasing life insurance, the longer you wait, the more it will cost.

Fiction: You must purchase an extended service contract in order to qualify for financing.

Fact: It does not make any sense that a person would be required to increase the amount they are borrowing by adding an extended service contract, in order to obtain financing. Financing is approved or denied based upon your credit, and nothing else. By including the service contract in your car purchase, you will be stuck paying additional interest. Autoplex Extended Services is able to provide you with a no-fee payment option with a 0% APR. 

Fiction: I don't need an extended service contract, I'm covered by the manufacturer.

Fact: There are many reasons to purchase an extended service contract. Your vehicle is one of your biggest investments. An extended service contract will ensure it is always running in the its’ top condition just like when it was brand new. With the complexity of today's vehicles, just one repair often costs more than the entire policy itself. Hourly labor rates are an average of $128 per hour in some markets.

Fiction: My dealer does not accept third party policies for repairs.

Fact: Autoplex Extended Services pays the repair facility immediately over the telephone by corporate credit card. Therefore, there should be no objections about accepting the policy. In fact, a policy from us will require the dealer do less paperwork and not wait for reimbursement. This is NOT a reimbursement program.

Fiction: I already have powertrain coverage that lasts even longer than my original bumper-to-bumper coverage, so I do not need to purchase an extended service contract.

Fact: That is not true. Powertrain coverage is extremely limited to the components it will be covering. You will be without coverage for the parts and systems that most frequently fail such as all of your high tech sensors, computers, air conditioning, electrical system, cooling system, steering system, suspension, brake system, alternator, starter, and many more. Powertrain warranties also are not transferable to any other owners other than the original owner of the vehicle.


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