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1 What is a Vehicle Service Contract?
2 Is a vehicle service contract an insurance policy?
3 Why should I choose Autoplex Extended Services over the others?
4 What benefits do you offer?
5 Where can I take my vehicle for repairs?
6 What is the procedure I have to take when I need to have a repair on my vehicle?
7 How does the deductible work?
8 Does Autoplex Extended Services cover labor?
9 How do I enroll my vehicle into one of your service contract plans?
10 I have not had any problems with my vehicle so far. Do I really need an extended service contract?
11 Why buy it now? I'm still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?
12 If my vehicle is out of the manufacturer's warranty, can I still get coverage?
13 Is the dealer the same thing as the manufacturer?
14 Can I buy this same type of coverage through my dealer?
15 Will my dealer accept this policy from Autoplex Extended Services?
16 I've seen lower prices on the Internet. Why should I purchase a policy from Autoplex Extended Services?
17 What if my vehicle needs a repair and I am not near my home?
18 Where is my Vehicle Identification Number (VIN#)?
19 What if I trade my vehicle?
20 What if I sell my car? Is my policy transferable?
21 Is my policy renewable?
22 Do you have a payment plan?
23 What’s the catch? How can Autoplex Extended Services sell a policy for so much less than a dealer and other companies?
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